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Juvenile Humpback Whales
Megaptera novaeangliae
Juvenile Humpback Whales
After spending 12 months or so with it's mother a Humpback Whale leaves her and becomes a juvenile whale. Like any teenager juvenile Humpbacks are the most curious of the Humpbacks, they will often travel in pairs as they are still too small to compete with the large male Humpbacks although they are still a large creature.

A pod of whales can be as few as two whales but can consist of many whales. Pods of whales are seen getting together in what is known as "an affilliation", at this time the whales will travel together however affilliations rarely last for any length of time with the whales soon going their own way.

Juvenile Humpback Whales will come to boats, swim around and under while looking at the boat and it's passengers. I have been on the back of a boat watching juvenile whales not a metre away from me, you can see they are looking at you and sometimes they will spyhop to get a peek at you.

It is when you are that close to a Humpback that you are in awe of the creature. You realise that these are not dumb fish but a thinking animal and a very gentle animal for it's size. They mean us no harm and are not aggressive at all.

Juvenile Humpback Whales do not stop growing until they reach about ten years old. They are considered a juvenile whale when they are over 15 feet in length.

They will form what some people call is a batchelor pod with reports saying they can consist of many juvenile whales however in 100 trips I have only really observed juvenile whales traveling in pairs most of the time and I have only observed more than that once or twice.
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