The Pacific Humpback Whale
This web site offers far more than anything you will find on the internet about Humpback Whales. There is no other existing web site that offers a great variety of quality images of Humpback Whales as well as offering educational material about the behaviour of Humpback Whales.

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Humpback Whale behaviour is covered on this web site by both visual an text content is as follows.

Humpback Whales Breaching
Humpback Whales breach for a variety of reasons. They will breach to rid themselves of parasites, to scare off predators and also for the sheer fun of breaching. Some amazing powerful pictures here.

Humpback Whale Spouts
The spout or “blow” of a Humpback Whale can be seen from kilometres away. It is of course, just the whale breathing. It is also the way whale watching operators and the Japanese whalers locate them.

Humpback Whale Bubble Screens
Used by Humpback whales to obscure a female from a competing male and also to herd small fish into a position for feeding.

Humpback Whale Calves
Photos and information on Humpback Whale Calves

Humpback Whale Mother Calf and Escorts
Photos and information on Mothers and Calves with an attending male or female Humpback whale.

Humpback Whale Fighting Pods
Male Humpback whale competing with each other in a boisterous display of pushing and shoving.

Humpback Whale Headlunging
Photos and information on Humpback Whales headlunging behaviour.

Human Interaction with Humpback Whales
Some amazing close encounters with Humpback Whales. Many people don’t realise how curious Humpback Whales are and how close they will come to humans to get a better look at us.

Juvenile Humpback Whales
A selection of images of juvenile Humpback Whales and how curious they are as they come to check us out.

Australian Humpback Whales Migration
Information on the epic migration the Australian Humpback Whale undertakes every year.

Humpback Whale Mothers and Calves
Some beautiful photos of Humpback Whale mothers and calves with the calf swimming on top of the females head.

Humpback Whale Escorts
Information on mother and calf with an attending male or female whale known as an escort.

Humpback Calves with mouth open
A small number of very rare pictures of Humpback Whale calves with their mouth open.

Humpback Whale pectoral slapping behaviour
A variety of images showing the whales massive pectoral fin slapping the water as they cruise lazily along in the water.

Humpback Whale Peduncle Manouver
A variety of images and information on this powerful fast manouver that Humpback Whales frequently use.

Humpback Whale Research
How researchers gather information on Humpack Whale.

Single Humpback Whales
A variety of images of single whales coming close to us.

Humpback Whale Spyhopping
A large number of images of Humpback Whales putting their head above water to see where they are and also to check us out.

Humpback Whale Tail Slapping
Some fabulous and powerful images and information showing Humpback Whales performing a tail slapping display.

Humpback Whale Tails
Everyone loves to see a Humpback Whale tails with water pouring off it as it disappears under the water.

Humpback Whale Breach Splash
A Humpback Whale breach splash is a work of art, each one is different and  display of the raw power of a breaching Humpback Whale.

Humpback Whale Sex
Pictures of the underside of a female humpback whale, information and observations I have made.

Humpback Whale Tourism
Absolutely amazing pictures of Humpback Whales interacting with tourism boats that take people out to see them. Never seen before images.
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